109 Questions for Self Reflection that can Improve your life or Change perspective about yourself.

When was the last time you asked yourself about yourself ? When was the last time you did some self-reflection for self improvement?

Questions are revealing.

Questions are eye openers.

Questions dig deep.

Questions are leading.

Questions are interrogating.

Questions are reflecting.

Questions are guiding.

Questions have answers in them.

Here are some questions for your self reflection. Am sure these will make you think.

  1. Are you a Happy Person ?
  2. Do you learn from your mistakes or keep repeating them ?
  3. Do you invest in educating yourself? Do you spend time in learning something new?
  4. How do you treat your work. What are your work habits?
  5. Do you believe in hard work or just find ways to duck away from work?
  6. How do you rate your intelligence on a scale of 1 to 10 – what steps can you take to improve your IQ.
  7. How happy are you on the scale of 1 to 10?
  8. Do you think you are successful? How do you measure your success?
  9. Have you calculated your self created net worth?
  10. Are you Motivated to take up higher challenges, face difficulties or are you enjoy being in status quo.
  11. Do you have real friends or social media friends only.
  12. Do you hate people?
  13. Are you cribby about things around you?
  14. Do you have a lifestyle of your own or you try to copy someone?
  15. Do you think you are handsome / beautiful ?
  16. Contentment – How contented are you on a scale of 1 to 10 ?
  17. Plans for Life – What are your plans of life, where do you want to go, or are you OK with status quo and happy to go as life flows?
  18. What are your life’s regrets?
  19. Do you have a wish list? Why don’t you make one?
  20. Are you stuck up in your current situation?
  21. Break Shackles – What will break the shackles you may feel you are in
  22. Purpose – Do you know what are you doing in life ?
  23. Do you know where you want to reach and how do you want to reach
  24. Are you Happy with your status quo ?
  25. Are you at Living in Peace with yourself?
  26. Are you happy with the legacy you have inherited? 
  27. Do you feel that you make enough money?
  28. Are you Contented with your assets?
  29. Do you know when you want to retire?
  30. Do you feel that “You are not happy, but still act as if your are happy?
  31. Are you the same internally (what you are mindfully) and externally (what you act to be)?
  32. Do you secretly yearn for someone?
  33. Do you just want to chill around and be free?
  34. Do you feel that you could have definitely done well on some of these things?
  35. Do you want to change job, but are afraid whether you would be able to cope up?
  36. Do you want to live for 100 years?
  37. Are you a healthy?
  38. Do you love to go to Gym ?
  39. Do you run marathons ? or want to run?
  40. Do you love music?
  41. Have you anytime felt you wanted to be an artist?
  42. Are you anxious about life?
  43. Are you having a positive or a negative mindset ?
  44. What are your beliefs?
  45. What has shaken your belief?
  46. Do you have a budgeting practice?
  47. Do you review your monthly yearly finances?
  48. Do you offer support to others?
  49. Do you see good in people?
  50. How do you rate yourself on the ego scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)?
  51. Do you believe in yourself?
  52. Do you expect a lot from others?
  53. Do you like faking, how much do you fake – 10%, 20%, 50%, 100%?
  54. Do you feel you are not concerned with people around you??
  55. Do you pay attention to your body only when something is wrong?
  56. Do you have best friends?
  57. Do you have friends with whom you open up?
  58. Do you have someone to confide with?
  59. What are you afraid of ? Why are you afraid of, have you ever analysed?
  60. What are your fears? Does you fear makes you weak?
  61. Do your fears make you anxious?
  62. Do you worry a lot? What are your reasons for worrying? Are they the present reasons or future reasons and why do you thing these reasons are realistic?
  63. Do you spend most of the time working?
  64. Do you feel you are very secretive?
  65. Are you having Work play balance?
  66. What are your Hobbies?
  67. What are your Personal and professional plans?
  68. Are you Good at building relationships?
  69. Are you Good at continuing relationships?
  70. DO you have Negative connotations about people?
  71. What according to you is Definition of being successful?
  72. Are you Struggling in life ? Have you diagnosed your challenge areas ? have you sought help?
  73. Have you felt I want to change the way I am?
  74. Do you love yourself?
  75. Do you have great bonding with colleagues?
  76. Do you set goals?
  77. Are you proud of your achievements?
  78. Are you a good listener?
  79. Do you feel that Money is a major concern in your life?ou
  80. Do you learn from your experiences?
  81. Do you feel that you are happy with what you are doing
  82. Do you like learning new things?
  83. Do you believe in incremental improvements? Do you strive for bringing in those incremental improvements?
  84. What are your have spiritual practices? Do your spiritual practices makes me strong internally?
  85. How do you work out for your mental peace?
  86. Are you Mindful of things?
  87. Do you practice yoga or mediation? How do you keep yourself physically and mentally fit?
  88. Do you sleep 7-8 hours? How do you relax, rejuvenate?
  89. Do you want to lose weight? Are you obese?
  90. Are you a dreamer? What do you dream about?
  91. Do you love coffee, tea? Are you activated by Caffeine or Nicotine?
  92. Do you feel valued at work?
  93. DO you love to make an impact at work?
  94. What are your work ethics? Do you have any or never thought about?
  95. Do you bounce back when you have a fall?
  96. Do you review and reflect on self?
  97. Are Considerate of others feelings?
  98. Do you have Health issues? Are you mindful about the same?
  99. Do you have an emergency budget/ account?
  100. Are you having medical insurance?
  101. Do you have an emergency contact number listed in your phone or wallet?
  102. Do you think you are leading a Life of compromise?
  103. Are you OK to make adjustments, so that it does not hurt others?
  104. Do you get along well with others? Are you a party animal?
  105. Do you have mentors – spiritual, professional, personal?
  106. Do you have several goals in life?
  107. Do you get bugged by failures?
  108. Do you take your failures positively as a learning opportunity
  109. Are you Inspired by people?

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