37 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Do you get stuck up working the entire day and finally end up achieving nothing.

Don’t worry, many of us face this.

So if you observe your day, it all starts with a chaos, not knowing where to begin and the list keeps growing.

Here are some action points which can help you get your control back. These hacks help you to be more productive, save your energy, beat your boredom, lower your stress and more.

Each activity mentioned herewith can be completed anywhere between 2 minutes to 10 minutes (some may take more) and can be great habits to cultivate.

Go ahead, read, pick your few action points and use them. Let me know what works well for you.

1.       Make a To Do List – Get Organized

First things first, make your To-Do List – this gives a clear direction for the day – what is it you want to achieve in your day. I would suggest you take a minute at the beginning of the day and make this list. Spending 2-3 minutes on making this list can help you save more time. List them down, prioritize and once completed strike them off. As you strike off you see a sense of achievement, which will automatically drive you to complete the other things.  

2. What are your goals for the day, for the week

Check out if your day goals are aligned with your overall goals for the week. It’s important to set your goals and review the same. So what are your action points?

3.Set Priorities (3-5 mins Activity)

So you have listed out your To-Do-List – Now, Prioritize them into 3 buckets

1) Top Priority – Must Do Items – Those activities you have to complete at any cost

2) Next set of activities – Important, but can be second priority

3) Less Important – These can be less important activities, which can be done later

4. Don’t Digress, Focus on Results

There are too many distractions in a day, social media, calls, friends, nature calls, ambient noise, peers, and colleagues around you, hyperlinks, something or the other keeps coming in. And it leads you to follow it. Any digression would move your focus from the work you are doing, and once you digress it will be difficult and consumes your time to come back on track.

Be conscious about what you are doing to focus on results and completion of tasks.

5. Cluttered Inbox? Have Set Times to Check Your Emails

We spend more time on emails. Have set schedules to check and reply to your emails. They keep coming through out the day and we keep spending more time on the same. Also prioritize your action on emails. It would be good to note the important actions to be taken on emails.

6. Take Regular Breaks (5-10 mins activity)

Breaks help you relax, and reenergize. Studies have shown that continuing to work for more than 40 minutes – 1 hour at a stretch would leave you feeling mentally fatigued. Take a break – walk around take a stroll, go for a coffee break.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Gossips

The grape wine always attracts everyone. Try to avoid. Unnecessary gossips not only distract but also are problematic some time. You never know who makes out what meaning of the discussions. It’s always better to stay away.

8. Delegate the non-core works

You should know where you should spend your time. You can achieve more when you are able to identify who can do what and then delegate. If you want to do everything, you will end up spending time on the low value adding activities. Delegate what you can.

9. Light Exercises & Short Walks (5-10 mins activity)

Most of us being in desk jobs don’t get enough opportunity for physical activities. It’s good to have some simple exercises such as stretching, bending or Sun Salutation. A 5-10 minute walk can be helpful. Walking would also help you with some thought time. Maintain body postures. Keep moving around

10. Eat Light, Eat Right

At work it makes sense to eat light and eat right. Heavy eating will leave you lazing. You would find it difficult to bounce back to work and be productive if you eat heavy. Plan your lunch with fruits and light meals.

11. Consume Water and Liquid

Keep drinking water, you body indicates the need. Its very important to be hydrated with Water or juices or green tea.

12. Meet & Greet Other People, Make Friends

Having PR is important in office, being visible is an important aspect. So also making friends. Most of the times, the offices are full of Ego Bloats – have friends it costs you nothing. It’s just about cultivating the relationships. It is also important to know what’s going on with your peers, colleagues.

13. Spend some time out in sun

Get some sunlight. It makes you active.

14. Overworking Can be counter productive

Do you believe in over working? Hey that would be counterproductive. You will fatigued. Life is not all about work. You also have other aspects. If you want to show off that you over work then that is a different aspect. We usually come across colleagues who spend their time is social media or other things like stock markets during the day time, and have to over work later.

15. Go out and Have that Chai Break (10 minutes activity)

Get off your ass off that chair of yours, go out, refresh yourself with a cup of tea.

16. Doodle – Draw- Scribble (5 minute activity)

Doodle something – express yourself in lines and colors if possible. It is refreshing

17. Talk to Family / Friends (5- 10 minute activity)

Speak to your family and friends. Make a call. Catch up with that old friend to whom you haven’t spoken for years.

18. Reading Break (5-7 minute activity)

Read a chapter in any of the book, it would be quite refreshing. Studies have shown that Reading about 6 pages reduces your cortisol levels.

19. Sleep Well

Sleeping well rejuvenates your mind and body.

20. Weekends at Home with Family

We are all social beings. Spending some peaceful time on weekends at Home is a great rejuvenator and this energizes and improves your productivity.

21. Have lunch on time

It’s important to keep loading yourself with the required energy on time.

22. Multi-Tasking reduces your speed

Doing one task at a time would help you to complete the task fast. Multitasking is equivalent to Driving a Car with Mobile phone in your hand. The outcomes may be different, but in this case your productivity surely goes down. There have been many studies related to the same.

23. Listen to some Music

Your favorite music can help you reboot yourself. Classical music, Hard Rock, Soulful melodies, or even apna Bollywood music.

24. Tidy up and Organize your workplace.

A clean workplace is always better than a cluttered one. Organize your stuff well, put on the photographs of your loved ones – the things you desire for. Some important lists etc. This will add on to your being fresh.

25. Power Naps (10-15 mins activity)

As long as the organizations permit, Powernaps are great energizers, even a short 10-15 minute nap could be a great deal. Set an alarm, sit in your chair or a cozy sofa somewhere and doze off. It has great returns.

26. Take Deep Breaths Every Hour (2 minutes activity)

Count 1-8, INHALE,

Count 1-8, HOLD,

Count 1-8, EXHALE

Do this 5 times, focus on your breath all the while, Close your eyes.

27. Meditate

Simplest form of meditation is the above breathing exercise. You may also learn the other meditation techniques.

28. Learn something new, try something new

Take up a course, read a book, join a workshop. Learn something new, it keeps your mind and brain active.

29. Consume Social Media Videos

I don’t need to say more on this

30. Solve a Puzzle, Sudoku, Play games

31. Catchup on News / Stock Markets

This can help you to strike some conversations as most of the news will be either negative or flashy

32. Write your Gratitude

What is it you are grateful for? Try to put up a diary where you write a list of things you are grateful for. This is one of the very important exercises recommended in “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

33. Listen to Motivation Podcasts

Get some inspirations. Internet is buzzing with a lot of these stuff and it works.

34. Read a Biography

Get insights into the life of the greats.

35. Standup & Work

You might also burn some calories

36. Watch TED Talks (consumes anywhere between 5 minutes to 30 minutes)

37. Search for More Productivity Hacks and take actions

All of the above may not be liked by you or may not suit you, so pick and choose what you like the most and impacts you the most. The ultimate objective is to these activities should help you to be more productive.

Caution : Some activities are so good that they may distract you to spend more time on them. So be MINDFUL.

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