Avinash Kulkarni

Avinash Kulkarni is an Author, Musician, Drum Circle Facilitator and a Management Professional. He weaves his unique ideas with a practical approach and encourages individuals to live a fulfilling, purposeful life with his inspiring and actionable advice.

He writes extensively on a Purposeful Life, Productivity, Personal Growth, Work-life Balance & Hobbies.

Avinash Kulkarni brings over 20+ years of experience in Corporate World across various organizations. He currently Heads a Sales Vertical in an Indian Automobile Giant.  He work closely with his clients, that range from startups to large corporate's and people mobility companies., and is passionate about striking impactful deals. He loves to Explore opportunities, Tie-ups and is always excited to experiment with new ideas and projects.

Avinash is passionate about music, he is a formally trained Percussionist and a Drum Circle Facilitator. He brings his rhythmical experiences to communities, leading a Voluntary Social project called Drumming Happiness - Drum Circles as a Mentor, which works to spread happiness and community building thru Drum Circles. Drumming Happiness works with NGOs, Old age homes, Hospitals, Communities and Causes.

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email : authoravinash@gmail.com www.facebook.com/authoravinash                                twitter : @authoravinash

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