I love popcorn… am sure you too like them. But have you heard about the Pop Corn theory? Err well … then you have missed something in life.

Popcorn is an amazing food. Do you know, puffs are also made of other different grains? So it’s not just Maize or Corn popping out. You should definitely try out – the Jawar Puffs, Paddy Rice Puffs, Wheat Puffs, Quinoa Puffs and Amaranth….And these are some amazing munchies – low on calories.

Sooooo, how do maize kernels pop and become popcorn? The maize kernels contain starch and water, covered by a skin, and this kernel skin gets hard when the kernel gets dried. So when you were peeping in that popcorn pan, standing on your toes., what you saw was the vendor had put the kernels in a pan with some oil, salt, turmeric and started heat them – what happens after that?

the popcorn cooker

The pan heats up and so also the kernels, the oil added in the pan layers on the kernel and slows down the charring of the kernels for some time. Then the great popcorn volcanic eruption happens… we all are happy now, with of the popcorns in that small paper box or a plastic bag, out of that pan… you happily munch them, and it becomes a part of you. Yes there are also some kernels which don’t pop up because the steam gets out of the node of the kernel. It just gets charred.

So what is this popcorn theory of success?

The thought is quite simple, but very profound. It simply says don’t keep doing only one thing, keep trying different things, keep working on various subjects.

Kevin Anderson, the proposer of the Popcorn theory of Success says…. When you put in a lot of kernels in the pan and start heating, the heat builds up the pressure and slowly the kernel starts popping up. But you never know which kernel is going to pop, when and which one is going to fly in what direction.

Quite few kernels don't pop up and remain charred.

The moral of the story is – keep trying different options, you never know which one hits the ceiling and sky rockets. And there would also be many which will not pop out.

While it resonates with the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  It is quite opposite to the saying, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”.

When we look at our life choices and career – we tend to work on one or two areas and start focusing. It may work well, it may not.

What if we apply this to our lives?

So what are you waiting for, go ahead add more kernels to life and career choices….

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