Give Them Wings Series

I strongly believe that all the kids should follow their dreams, explore the world, pursue their passions, and CELEBRATE LIFE!!!

All this would be amazing if we can do when you are young, when you have time, energy, youthfulness, and not after we retire at 60.

Life has a lot to offer, but most of us spend our life in finding the means to live … Money.

“Running behind the means to earn”, dominates our life and we presume it as living life, which it is not. Money actually has to allow us the freedom to enjoy life, and not hold us back…

One key reason is that we didn’t know about MoneySense….. and unfortunately, it is not taught in schools .. And the whole life goes into exploring and digging into this needless mystery…

So, let us demystify this, in early years our life, so that we enjoy what life is…

This series “Give them Wings” for the youngsters (to be guided by parents) would give a reasonable direction to grow practically, manage themselves and their monies, which can give them an opportunity to enjoy pleasures of life in their peak years.

“GIVE THEM WINGS”, is a series of 4 books….
• What we don’t teach our children about MoneySense
• Stock Markets and Investing made easy for Children
• The KiddoPreneurs Startup Playbook
• Empowering Children with Life Skills

Let us give our children the tools to CELEBRATE LIFE…..

Let us “Give Them Wing’s… ”

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  • Dr Naveen Padmadas says:

    I applaud the publication of your wonderful book on rearing children. It’s an absolute necessity for every parent to look at the financial side of our daily challenges and teach our children.

    The first book “What we don’t teach our children about MoneySense” of the four-part series “GIVE THEM WINGS” is a synonym to responsible parenting and I strongly recommend all school libraries to list this book under “must have and must read”. Thank you for sharing with us the gift that you have worked so hard to refine. I trust your book will soon be on the best seller list.

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