Have you done your Personal Goal Setting?

So you are, a busy employee who keeps running behind your official commitments all the time? Come April – you are asked to set goals for the financial year. Now that you are a smart employee, your goals also will be SMART Goals. Now that’s an official goal related to your work. What about your Personal Goals ???

Your work related goals will be aligned to your Companies objectives of Market share, Profitability and Growth. So What are your plans for the Year, errr, I hope you are thinking of something….. or you wanted to have your life in a particular way but you don’t have anything idea how to plan it.

Well it happens and its OK, you can start now. I do understand most of us would have not even thought of a Personal Goal. Read ahead and you will find some value in setting personal goals. If not you can be just like this, you are choosing to live a life just like this…

If you ask me, personal goal setting has been helping me get some amazing results, including launch of my book What we don’t teach our Children about Moneysense, the “Drumming Happiness” voluntary initiative, a home project and much more….

When you start putting your goals on paper – you automatically start thinking about them and then Law of Attraction happens. Try doing it Once, It works…. Do it

So, What are your Personal Goals?

What are your personal Goals for the year, for your life. Or, are you just a busy employee who keeps running behind your official goals. Yes it does happen. Don’t you think, we all treat our Work Life as our Personal life? Or our work life overshadows us so much that our personal existence, family life and everything becomes secondary?

So when was the last time you thought about yourself – your interests, hobbies, what do you aspire as an individual?

Set your GoalsWhat are your Personal Goals


Do you have your Goals for the Year? Have you thought of your Life Goals?

So if you ask me, this year – 2020, I have planned to ,

  1. Release my next book – Yes… something exciting coming up 😉
  2. Take up a course in Yoga
  3. Launch the “Beat Your Stress” Social Initiative
  4. Spend more time with family

Why should I setgoals?

You may ask – why should I put myself under pressure creating goals (happens with work related goal setting) for myself? Well that’s your choice to treat it as pressure or be a little more aware of, where are you taking your life. As Earl Nightingale says in his famous “The Strangest Secret of the World” speech says, Having no goal is life is like a ship in waters which has no directions, which is just adrift. It doesn’t matter where it goes. Without any direction, life just happens, and nothing wrong in living that way, but would you really want to do it?

To summarize, goal setting helps you the following ways

  • Gives meaning to your existence – a mission
  • Helps you organize yourself better, monitor progress and achieve more
  • Increases your competence
  • Sense of pride and contentment of having achieved your goals, than leading a bland life
  • Builds up your confidence

And more importantly – it will set a direction as to where you want to go in life.

So if you have not thought about your Personal Goals – here is what I suggest.

Start by setting simpler goals, by setting it for a certain period, may be a 1 month or 3 months to begin with., and then extend it to 1 year.

How to start your Personal Goal setting process?

When you start working on your goal setting process, you may go blank, get confused or have so many things in your bucket that it may look like a laundry list.  Doesn’t matter keep going.

You can try this simplified process. Use the Personal Goal Setting Sheet which I personally use. [Downloading the Template here]

Step 1 : Think about the various aspects of life. The classic goal setting tool talks about 7 key aspects of life.

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Career / Profession
  4. Finances
  5. Spiritual
  6. Hobby & Entertainment
  7. Self-Development & Education

I suggest you to add one more element – My Social Responsibility

Step 2 :  Write down all action points you want to achieve, in each of the buckets.

Step 3 : Prioritize & Pick the Top 10 aspects depending on the criticality, area of improvement,  your needs, current focus area.

Step 4 : Fill out the “Goal Sieve” Sheet in the Template. Download the excel file here. It does help to crystallize your priorities

Step 5 : From the “Goal Sieve” sheet, Pick up the top 3. Having 3 or 4 Goals would help you achieve better than having more number of goals and not achieving anything. Or you may even focus on 1 TOP PRIORITY GOAL.

Step 6 : For the Shortlisted 3 Goals – List out the Action Points.

Step 7 : Before you start Working on the Actions, set reasonable timelines by when you want to achieve the same.

Goal Card – To Keep a track of the progress and To Keep Reminding You your Personal Goals, Make a Goal Card. Or you can even Write on a Paper and Stick it on any door where it is visible. Best way is to put your goals on your mobile phone wall paper….

Step 8 : Review it Every Week Initially, and then you may move to a Bi Monthly Self Review Mode.

What next… Download the template

As you get into this habit of Personal Goal Setting and achieving, you may look at the BIGGER PICTURE – what you want to achieve in Life – The long term vision. This would bring us to the next steps of personal vision and mission, and Your Life Plans.

Life Plan is all about the bigger picture – where do you see yourself to be in the next 10 years or more, how is it you want to lead the rest of your life. What is it you want to achieve at a larger level and more.


Goal Setting helps you to think of what you want to do with your life, how you would want to prioritize. It helps you to know what is important and relevant, than doing those many things which may not be relevant to your life.

Download the “Personal Goal Setting Template” and Set your Goals

Start your Personal Goal Setting Process, All the best…

Feel free to share this post, it may help others to Start with their Personal Goal Setting Process.

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