What’s Your Plan B?

Whats Your Plan B

Job Security is a Myth - What's Your Plan B?

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Job security is a Myth, today, and more than ever. Life keeps throwing unexpected shocks and challenges. In a career, it could be a layoff, a sudden injury, unpredicted office politics, or a downturn in the industry, forcing us out of job.

This situation can be shattering and nerve-wracking, impacting the mental state, finances, family, and life as a whole, both for self and loved ones. It can make one feel desperate, worthless, and miserable.

What’s Your Plan B?

Is a practical guide to develop your Plan B and live a fulfilling life.

The book introduces you to the Plan B Framework, which helps you learn,

·         How to create your Plan B

·         Build Resilience to face adversities

·         Be prepared to face any job insecurities with confidence

·         Create options, Bounce back and Thrive ahead in life

Create your Plan B Now!!!

Get the Launch Offer 30% -  Use "LAUNCH30" DISCOUNT CODE

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