Harmonica For Beginners



English            | Available in Paperback, Kindle Formats

The book is a beginners handbook to playing Harmonica and will help you get started with playing songs on the Harmonica (Mouth Organ), in an easy way. The book gives insights on the basics of the harmonica, types of harmonica, parts of harmonica, how to begin, Harmonica playing techniques.

It also introduces you to the basic notes layout on the harmonica, how to start practicing the SARGAM and alankars. The lyrics & notations for the 20 popular melodies have been made available and are simple to understand and practice.

The popular songs notations covered in this book are from the most heard simple songs like

* Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

* Happy Birthday to you

* Hum Hongey Kamayab

* Om Jai Jagadeesh Hare & more…

It also covers fun elements and Smartphone apps which will help you to practice and play harmonica.

This book is especially made for learners both young and old, in the Indian system of music notation, through a relatively easier approach. This book is intended to inspire and enable beginners to play popular songs that span various genres.


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