What’s Your Plan B?

Job Security is a Myth?

What's Your Plan B?

Why this Book?

This book is intended to help the employee fraternity at large, who undergo Anxiety and Stress due to job insecurities, by providing a Framework to work their Plan B.

A large percentage of the employees don’t even think of a Plan B when the going is good. They are unprepared to face any unpredictable scenarios, and undergo stress, breakdowns, and some even succumb under pressure when any form of uncertainties strike. And the Challenges don’t come give any warnings or time.

The book aims to create awareness of a need to have a Plan B. It brings out some inspiring real life stories of people from different industries, who went through the challenges and bounced back.

The Plan B Framework provides key insights to build Mental Resilience to face the challenges, Being indispensable at their current job, Financial Planning, Working on skillsets and capabilities and more.

About What's Your Plan B ?

Job security is a Myth, today, and more than ever. Life keeps throwing unexpected shocks and challenges. In a career, it could be a layoff, a sudden injury, unpredicted office politics, or a downturn in the industry, forcing us out of job.

This situation can be shattering and nerve-wracking, impacting the mental state, finances, family, and life as a whole, both for self and loved ones. It can make one feel desperate, worthless, and miserable.

What’s Your Plan B?

Is a practical guide to develop your Plan B and live a fulfilling life.

The book introduces you to the Plan B Framework, which helps you learn,

·         How to create your Plan B

·         Build Resilience to face adversities

·         Be prepared to face any job insecurities with confidence

·         Create options, Bounce back and Thrive ahead in life

Create your Plan B Now!!!


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